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What Your Business has been Missing

Improving business processes through better technical infrastructure is the key to continued, sustainable success. In the modern business environment, there is simply no reason to address your IT needs alone—Viyu has the resources and expertise to develop customized solutions and implement them into your business processes.

From comprehensive IT solutions, to managed services that ensure results of the highest caliber, Viyu is ready to deliver. Our goal is to provide businesses, both large and small, with everything they need to operate with optimal efficiency. Keep scrolling to discover the value our expert team offers.

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The Viyu Approach Helps Businesses Succeed

Is your current IT solution a valuable, proactive asset to the operation of your organization? Or is it a reactive cost—a series of break/fix routines put in place to prevent damage from getting too out of hand?

To achieve real, long-lasting success with your business, you need to treat your IT infrastructure like an asset that can boost your bottom line and produce value for your clients and partners. Our approach combines the services of some of tech’s biggest brands to transform your IT department into a strategic powerhouse for meeting your business goals.

We can help you optimize your lines of communication, unify your computing requirements, virtualize client infrastructures and more. Viyu covers every step towards running a truly efficient organization, using modern technology.

Contact our team today and find out how Viyu’s approach can transform your IT department.

Partnership Protection with Cisco

Industry-leading protection is yours to enjoy. Our partnership with Cisco provides the framework for robust security and firewall protection, keeping your business processes safe at every touch point.

Cisco Specialization Dallas TX

Effectiveness and Efficiency

As trusted IT consultants, we have what it takes to maximize the output of your IT budget. With increasingly advanced options constantly reaching market, the guidance of our dedicated experts is crucial to optimizing your IT resources.

Viyu’s partnerships with industry leaders gives us the tools we need to bring tested, demonstrable solutions to the table. Even when dealing with issues that seem impossible to resolve, our network of trustworthy IT advisors can always find a way to produce solutions that boost your bottom line.

With our help integrating these services into your existing infrastructure, you can free up valuable IT assets towards developing strategic goals and attaining them.

We Have You Covered

Viyu has solutions in the following areas:

Texas IT Advisor

Scalable Managed IT Services

Is your current IT infrastructure growth-friendly? If you were to suddenly double the amount of business you do, would your IT resources be able to handle it? Viyu’s managed IT services make fast growth easy to accommodate—we design our solutions to be completely scalable from the outset.

You can focus on achieving growth objectives and let us handle the infrastructure and help desk services that come along. With your dedicated IT team no longer handling every little issue that pops up, you’ll enjoy the complete flexibility needed to transform IT into a valuable, productive asset.

Viyu takes a custom-tailored approach to managed IT. Instead of applying a general “one size fits all” solution to our broad client base, we take the time to learn how your business functions and what we can do to expand it.

Business Continuity from Unitrends

Protect against data disasters, backup recovery and risk mitigation with Unitrends. Our partnership ensures your data remains safe no matter what happens.

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Unitrends 2016 Partner of the Year
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Custom Cloud Solutions and Hosting

Managed cloud applications
give you solutions that simply work.

The time for buying and installing hardware on-premises is long gone. Your organization can immediately broaden its capabilities and improve its flexibility by incorporating a custom Viyu cloud solution.

We begin the cloud implementation process with a complete overlook of your organization’s technological needs. Following this project discovery phase, we can deliver a completely customized set of solutions designed to fit your company’s current infrastructure and future needs.

Like all of our solutions, our hosted and cloud technology services are entirely scalable. You can rely on us to grow alongside you as your company takes on a greater portion of the market share.

Hosted and Cloud Dallas TX

Turn on-premises apps and data into modern cloud solutions with Windows Azure.

*Increase Business Agility *Save Money *Optimize IT Efficiency

Strategic Partnerships with Top Tech Brands

We wouldn’t be where we are now without our partnerships with some of tech’s biggest brands. Viyu integrates world-class products and services from:

Cisco Meraki
  • Unified Communications
  • Switching/Routing/Wireless
  • Datacenter & Computing
  • Firewall & VPN
  • Network & Server Virtualization
  • SAN Virtualization
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Hardware & Virtual Appliances
  • Cloud & DR
Nimble Stoarage
  • All Flash Array & Adaptive Array Solutions
  • Scalability, Predictability, Flexibility, and Simplicity
  • Flat Support Pricing & All-Inclusive Licensing
  • Software Licensing
  • Office 365
  • Cloud & Hosting
  • Backup & Recovery
Dell HP
  • Servers/Blades
  • Desktop
  • Switching
  • Backup/Archive
  • Cloud Storage
  • Database Design & Development
  • Application Design & Development
  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Security / Firewall
  • Next Generation Firewall
  • Unified Threat Management
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