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At Viyu, we're all about efficiency. We know that there are businesses out there running at less than peak form and we want to do everything we can to help them. Technology changes all the time, but the needs we have of our technological infrastructure remain the same.

Viyu is the solution that lets business owners – small businesses and large enterprises alike – rest assured that their technological infrastructure will remain modern, competitive and secure against the constantly changing conditions of the tech landscape. To do this, we rely on an extensive network of top tech partners who supply the world-class tools we use to streamline our clients' IT systems.

This, combined with the expertise of our highly dedicated team, makes us qualified to tackle some of today’s most challenging problems. Whether you need vigilant security for sensitive data, or a technological answer to a new business problem, Viyu's team has you covered.

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The People Behind Viyu We place great trust in our partners, but the real magic of Viyu comes from our team of highly professional IT experts.

When you choose Viyu for managed IT services or scalable cloud-based infrastructure implementation, you benefit from more than the latest tools of the trade and key partnerships with world-class tech brands. You get some of tech's finest creative problem solvers and customer service technicians in the field.

We know better than anyone that managing the IT infrastructure of a growing company can be a complex task. This is why most of our clients come to us in the first place. In order to make sure that you are consistently pleased with your IT services, we only hire the best of the best, and make sure our engineers and technicians hold the latest certifications in their relevant fields of work.

The practical result of this approach is that our team is heavy on standardization, and dedicated to producing clear and complete documentation. This gives us a firm base of support for solving the vast array of problems that our company addresses for its clients.

One of the major keys to our success is capable management of extraordinary customer service. We're ready to help you put every part of your IT infrastructure to its best use—even if we have to put it together for you piece by piece. This level of communication is what distinguishes Viyu from the rest of the pack when it comes to managed IT services, cloud-hosting solutions and business continuity packages.

Reach out to us and enjoy a consultation on optimizing your IT infrastructure for success.

The Viyu Difference

By placing customer needs first, and then developing technological solutions for their problems, we turn the entire managed IT industry on its head.

There are plenty of companies that offer managed IT solutions or even high quality cloud hosting and implementation services. The catch, though, is that the vast majority have developed a single system that they know works. They then dole out this "one size fits all" solution to their clients and spend most of their time, energy and resources adapting their customers needs to the solution they've developed.

This isn't how Viyu works. We listen to our customers, analyze their needs, and come up with solutions that fit those needs to the letter. This way, you get to continue doing business in the way you feel most comfortable, while your IT infrastructure helps improve your efficiency and security every step of the way.

This groundbreaking approach means that you're free to focus on your core business—what you do best—while our team takes care of the technology that powers it. By delegating these responsibilities to the people best suited to take care of them, you get the best out of your technology investment and we get the best out of ours.

What the Viyu Approach Looks Like In Practice:

  • Optimized IT Efficiency — We find out what hardware and software combination works best for you and implement that solution in a way that produces value.
  • World-class Customer Service – If you need us on-site, we're there. If you need remote support from our team, we're only a phone call away and always ready to help.
  • Proactive IT Support – Our team is always looking for potential signs of trouble, and solving issues before they affect your business workflow.
  • Product Discounts – Key partnerships with major tech brands save you money.

A Viyu partnership gives you the tools you need to optimize your infrastructure for growth. To maximize efficiency, we keep a few important rules in mind whenever consulting new customers:

  • We design, develop and implement unique IT solutions based on your business and your budget.
  • Our tailored IT solutions are "made-to-measure", so you'll never pay for extra technology you won’t use.
  • We treat our team like an extension of your business, working around the clock to ensure that our two businesses are on the same page.

Our Leadership Team

Gavin Adams
Gavin Adams — President

President and co-founder from the very beginning, Gavin has dedicated his considerable knowledge and expertise to Viyu's success since 2004. Gavin's primary responsibility is overseeing the production efficiency, service quality and resource management cost-effectiveness throughout every level of Viyu's service lineup. He employs a hands-on approach that assures consistent results across the board, relying on 25 years of experience deploying and managing best-in-class IT solutions in dynamic business environments.

Lance Wiseman
Lance Wiseman - Partner

Lance delivers solutions that address the constantly changing challenges of the modern IT market. From product sales strategies to management of our strategic partnerships and thorough market research, Lance provides leadership that defines Viyu's unique value proposition to customers. 18 years of experience in the IT industry gives Lance a skilled perspective into our customers' needs and wants.

Dax Wiseman
Dax Wiseman – VP Engineering

Viyu could never be where it is today without the technical mastery of its chief engineer Dax Wiseman. Dax oversees elements of our technology support and solution delivery services. A trusted and insightful client advisor, Dax helps our customers make important IT decisions, relying on his 25 years developing and implementing professional solutions that include virtualized computer centers, network security and disaster recovery.

Multi Tenant Services Texas

Client Testimonial: Lodging Hospitality Management

Lodging Hospitality Management relies on Viyu to operate 17 hotels, 8 restaurants, and 2 commercial properties. Both independent and brand-name hotels are part of its portfolio, making a tailor-made IT solution critical for its continued success.

Lodging Hospitality Management

  • Hospitality
  • St. Louis, Missouri, USA
  • 17 Hotel properties

Network Solution

  • Cisco Business Edition 6000
  • Cisco ISR G2s
  • Cisco Catalyst LAN Switches

Business Challenge

  • Aging PBX Infrastructure
  • Improve Unreliable Infrastructure
  • Reduce High Maintenance and Telecom Costs
  • Add Communications Features

Business Results

  • Rapid Deployment for Special Events and New Phone Lines
  • Massive call capacity Implemented
  • Improved reliability
  • Implemented Easy-to-Understand Staff-Friendly Interface

Cisco Unified Communications Dallas Texas

“Cisco proved itself with the equipment, the quality, the support and the life expectancy. The improvement is like day and night. The sky’s the limit now.”

— Jim Conaway, Vice President of IT, Lodging Hospitality Management

Network Infrastructure Solutions Texas

Client Testimonial: Eland Energy, Inc.

Eland Energy is an independent oil and natural gas exploration company founded in 1984. Eland needed to relocate its entire headquarters in a seamless transition and improve its networking and telecommunications capabilities.

Eland Energy

  • Oil and Natural Gas Exploration
  • Dallas, Texas, USA
  • 6 offices in 5 states
  • Nine Drilling Rigs and About 80 Oil Well Pumps

Business Challenge

  • Relocate Headquarters Seamlessly
  • Increase Infrastructure Reliability
  • Improve Network Bandwidth
  • Add Wireless Roaming Capabilities
  • Implement Flexible Phone Systems

Network Solution

  • Cisco 4510 Chassis – 10GB Core Network Solution
  • Cisco Business Edition 6000 Multi-Site Phone System
  • Cisco Wireless Controller & Multi-Floor Access Points
  • Cisco Video Collaboration Solution
  • Cisco Prime Appliance

Business Results

  • Seamless Transition to New Headquarters
  • Telecommunications and Network at New Location Set Up in One Weekend
  • Uniform Phone Systems Installed
  • Video Conferencing Capabilities Installed
  • Network Bandwidth Improved
  • Wireless Roaming Capabilities Added
  • Improved Reliability of Infrastructure

Network Solutions TX

“When you imagine a typical implementation, you imagine there is a list of recommended products, a strategy, timeline and so on. But Viyu helped me far beyond that. It was never a ‘check the boxes’ approach. Viyu cared about relieving me from all that was already on my plate by making the transition seamless.”

- Ted Wiley, IT Director, Eland Energy

Scalable Growth Path Texas

Client Testimonial: Spectocor

Dedicated Technology Support Dallas TX

Spectocor delivers monitoring services to cardiac patients across the world. Viyu's Pure Storage Pure Storage solution allows for uninterrupted, disaster-proof reliability.


  • McKinney, Texas
  • Medical Monitoring Services
  • Worldwide Client Base

Business Challenge

  • Make Uninterrupted Availability of Telemedicine Services
  • Ensure Agile Storage Infrastructure to Support Future Services
  • Control Data Analysis Costs

Solution Highlights

  • Uninterrupted storage availability
  • Seamless transition to VDI
  • Response Time Under 1 Millisecond
  • 2x IOPS improvement

Business Value

  • Productivity Nearly Doubled for Highest-Cost Personnel
  • Scalable Growth Path Implemented
  • Minimal Time and Expense for Storage Administration and Maintenance

Viyu Testimonial

“I’ve gone out of my way to pull cards, pull cables, pull storage controllers and it just keeps working. I’ve literally tried to destroy the Pure array and it just won’t let me.”

- Joe Khan, Chief Information Officer, Spectrocor

Careers with Viyu

The real secret to our success is the team that we have creating innovative IT solutions for our clients. If applying the latest technology on the market to real-life business challenges is part of your career plan, we want to hear from you.

Viyu offers a competitive salary, continuous training, and a comprehensive benefits plan. Plus, you get to work in a fast-paced working environment that is guaranteed to keep you on the leading edge of the technology industry. We're accepting applications for the following positions:

Job Openings

Account Manager
Full Time
2+ Years of Experience
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Sr. Systems Engineer
Full Time
2+ Years of Experience
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Level 1 Technician
Full Time
Less than 2 Years
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Level 2 Technician
Full Time
2+ Years of Experience
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