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Consolidate Remote Workers with Cloud Technology

It's becoming increasingly uncommon to keep your entire workforce in-house and under the same roof. The 21st century workflow relies increasingly on a connected remote workforce that delivers higher quality results with lower overhead costs. Maintaining this workforce, however, requires a very different type of IT infrastructure than those in traditional office settings.

Viyu leads the way in developing and implementing solutions for seamless remote service integration for organizations large and small. Read on to discover how you can take advantage of these technologies and boost your bottom line.

Use Hosted Applications to Save Money and Increase Productivity

Texas Hosted Applications

Gone are the days when, to obtain a business-critical software package, you would have to purchase a single instance of the application and run it on a specific computer. Viyu's network-enabled infrastructure allows you to access the applications you need through a subscription-based cloud-hosted model, accessible through any workstation in your network.

Our application hosting team consults with you to determine which applications pull the most weight during day-to-day business at your company and then develops solutions for hosting them on the cloud. This option increases application accessibility while reducing costs across the board. It is equally applicable for accounting software, word processors or creative applications of all kinds.

Reach out to our application hosting experts to begin the consultation process and find out how we can save your business money.

Dallas TX Website Hosting

Host Your Website with Viyu Technology

Viyu website hosting gives its clients the appropriate environment for developing comprehensive web-based solutions for their customers. We are happy to address the specific requirements of your business with industry-leading flexibility and security.

Rely on Viyu for generous amounts of storage, access to as many domains as you need, your own email server, and your choice between Windows and Linux operating systems.

Use Our Hosted Exchange to Run Powerful Applications Cheaply

If you're running multiple copies of expensive advanced software, our hosted exchange service can reduce your operating costs immensely.

Advanced applications produce real value for your business, but if you're purchasing, licensing and hosting your own versions of these applications, you're spending far more than you need to. With Viyu, you can benefit from hosted solutions for your most important applications through a simple, subscription-based model that eliminates these upfront costs and replaces them with manageable overhead.

Let us help determine which of your most business-critical applications are best suited to our hosted exchange program and get a quote on the savings you can enjoy. You can host nearly any program on a cloud server and access it through any Internet-enabled device.

Consult one of our hosted exchange engineers to find out more about how we can help you save money by hosting your applications online.

Protect Your Email from Phishing, Spam and More

Phishing attempts through email are on the rise, and only a comprehensive cybersecurity solution can guarantee protection.

The amount of phishing emails containing some sort of ransomware grew to 97.25% in the year 2016, and this figure shows no signs of abating. Cybersecurity is a very real concern for your business, and attacks through email are one of the most common you need to protect against. Viyu can address your email vulnerabilities with cutting-edge technology designed to thwart malware, ransomware and spam.

Enjoy Unconstrained Infrastructure Growth with Viyu Colocation

With Viyu colocation, you can enjoy world-class IT infrastructure integrated into your business through special cloud data centers. This approach removes all constraints on physical space, network connectivity and hardware, providing you with a complete infrastructure solution that is secure, reliable and easily scalable.

You can benefit from an attentively designed colocation solution by speaking with one of our cloud infrastructure experts about your company's needs. We'll develop a customized solution for you and explain the benefits you’ll experience as a result.

Reach out to Viyu to learn about colocation technology and how it can boost growth while providing dependable IT infrastructure for your business processes.

Dallas TX Colocation Solutions

Hosted Cloud Backups Offer Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Solutions

One of the primary client concerns we address is disaster recovery. At Viyu, we understand that migrating business-critical processes to a cloud server can seem like a major risk. The reality of cloud hosting, however, is that it is much safer and much easier to recover compared with on-premises hosting. Just because your hardware isn't physically present doesn't mean it isn't well taken care of.

Viyu engineers are constantly monitoring our servers, looking for signs of trouble and rectifying them before they have a chance to affect business continuity. Additionally, we're in a unique position to create and implement cloud backups for our clients so that even if disaster does strike, recovery is a simple, damage-free process. On-premises server architecture rarely has the level of safety that we incorporate into all of our IT solutions.

Talk to an expert about what services your business can migrate to the cloud and how we can make it happen smoothly—call us today.

Use Viyu Software-as-a-Service Solutions for Ultimate Flexibility

Viyu is dedicated to offering its customers the very best when it comes to IT infrastructure and cloud hosting solutions. We keep informed on the latest developments in the tech world so that we can always stay one step ahead when it comes to designing flexible and productive solutions for our clients.

By incorporating software from some of tech's most reputable brands, we're able to create software-as-a-service solutions that exceed our client’s expectations.

Learn more about our SaaS services and the key partnerships that make them possible.

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