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Viyu is not a "one size fits all" IT solutions provider. We take great care to design and implement solutions from the ground up, serving our clients' needs based on specific factors that are unique for every business.

We maintain trusted partnerships with key IT service providers and combine their products into unique solutions for our clients. With industry-leading tools at our disposal, we're able to implement telecommunications networks, develop cybersecurity solutions and build reliable infrastructure that ensures business continuity for our clients.

By building customized architecture suited specifically to your company's needs, you can benefit from seamless, efficient IT services that are designed to grow with your company. Keep scrolling to learn more about the benefits our solutions offer.

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Unified Communication Makes Collaboration Easier and More Organized

Success absolutely requires excellent communication, both inside and outside your company.

Viyu offers unified communications solutions that combine voice, text, video and audio to provide a comprehensive set of options for your company. Simple, seamless connectivity with a full set of calling features ensures that no element of your business processes gets "lost in translation".

If you have employees, partners, or contracted freelancers who work remotely, keeping your business organized requires even better communication. We have a great degree of experience creating solutions for businesses with remote elements, from lines of communication to small offshore teams to entirely decentralized infrastructures.

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Unified Computing Simplifies Complex Tasks

Turning complex tasks into simple ones is the whole point of modern computing. Advanced IT infrastructure needs to take this goal even further if it is to be valuable in today's business environment. This is the promise of unified computing—seamlessly integrated computing, storage and networking for optimal efficiency in any working environment.

Unified computing consolidates your computing infrastructure into a single, centralized solution with as many access points as your business needs, and a scalable infrastructure that lets you modify access as needed.

Our unified computing solutions benefit from some of the most robust business continuity technologies currently available, ensuring that your centralized data management solution remains safe and secure no matter what happens.

Secure and Reliable Server Infrastructure

Storing and implementing data is one of the most important functions your IT solution needs to perform. The business impact that secure, efficient data storage can have is astounding.

Server architecture that is designed with reliability, performance and scalability in mind always supersedes the quick and easy solution. If you want to give your company the competitive edge it needs to deliver world-class products and services to your customers, you need Viyu's expertise.

We have the resources necessary to develop standalone server systems, virtualized server farms and more. Our virtualization engineers can develop solutions that let you treat dozens or even hundreds of individual servers like a single, consolidated system.

Talk to us about unified communication and how modern server architecture can help you achieve your business goals.

Virtualization is the Key to Modern Business Efficiency

Our virtualization services reduce your overall expenses while boosting the strength, resiliency and compatibility of your server architecture.

Modern IT solutions need to provide comprehensive, cross-platform services in a dizzying variety of conditions. There is simply no cost-effective way to do this under a single set of operating constraints. Virtualization is the answer to this problem, allowing you to enjoy cross-platform compatibility through multiple systems without issue.

The growth-enhancing features of virtualized infrastructure are well known throughout the tech world, and our expertise, combined with industry-leading virtualization products, gives us the edge we need to deliver outstanding value. Nobody knows virtualization better than VMWare, with whom we enjoy a close partnership.

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Easily Accessible, Disaster Proof Storage Capabilities

Modern businesses need more than reliable data storage. They need dependable business continuity solutions integrated at all levels of their data and network architecture. This is the foundation upon which we build every storage and backup solution we implement.

Successful data management relies on efficient data storage, backup and recovery. Customized storage architecture, developed by our experts using the most advanced technology on the market, makes this a reality in the most cost-effective way possible.

With our storage solutions integrated into your business, you will be prepared to quickly recover from data disasters that would leave other companies paralyzed. Viyu offers comprehensive storage options that are suited to meet your company's current needs while leaving sufficient space for accommodating future growth.

Identify Your Business Needs with Viyu Network Discovery

Network discovery is the first step towards enjoying a complete and comprehensive solution to your IT needs.

Businesses that plan on growth need to constantly update their network and communication infrastructure to accommodate their growing needs. Heavier reliance on voice and video collaboration requires solutions designed for scalability and reliability—all benefits that Viyu clients enjoy.

When you contact us for network discovery, our certified IT consultants put industry-leading tools to work identifying the state of your current network infrastructure and the ways it can be improved. From developing more efficient solutions to increasing the performance of existing ones, you can enjoy a cost-effective, risk-free tech solution at your fingertips.

Enjoy a consultation with one of our experts to begin the network discovery process today.

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IT Consulting from Established Experts

Expert business solutions can only come from consultants with demonstrable real-world expertise. Whether developing reliable, scalable solutions to specific problems or taking the reins of IT leadership within your company, you can rely on Viyu to deliver the highest caliber results.

We're here to help you identify, procure and implement the technologies your company needs to succeed. Our complete IT capabilities make us uniquely qualified to develop efficient solutions to the most challenging technological tasks, such as eliminating the communication gaps between multiple remote offices.

Discover how the innovative use of groundbreaking technologies can help you boost productivity across all areas of your business—call us for a consultation.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Guaranteed

When you lose important personal documents and information due to a data disaster, it can be an annoying life stress. Losing critical company data, however, can shutter your business for good, and there are plenty of real-world cases where exactly this has happened. A comprehensive business continuity protocol is the only way to protect your irreplaceable data from disaster.

From hardware failures and coordinated cyber-attacks, to unexpected floods and fires, you need a complete plan for maintaining business continuity in the face of danger. At Viyu, we recognize that every organization has different needs when it comes to disaster recovery, so we put our business continuity experts to work on developing tailor-made solutions that deliver results, while maintaining compliance with industry-specific governance requirements.

We have experience developing continuity solutions for healthcare companies that must comply with Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH), among many others.

Our partnership with Unitrends gives us the tools and resources needed to keep your business running no matter what unexpected challenges you may face. Contact us for more information.

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