Marketing tips business owners should know in 2016

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As technology speeds up, it seems like the rest of the world speeds up with it. You have to stay on your toes in 2016 as a business owner, so it’s always good to read up on tips and tricks for the business world. Marketing, for example, has always been an incredibly useful tool for business owners. As your competition increases, marketing becomes more necessary to help a business compete and thrive. Here are a few helpful marketing tips that every business owner should know going into 2016.

Everything is digital

Digital marketing is growing with no signs of going away any time soon. When you utilize digital marketing, you get access to social media marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), and much more. It’s now considered routine and expected for just about any establishment to have a Facebook page or a LinkedIn account. By diving into the world of digital marketing, you open the gate for far more opportunities. What many businesses fail to take advantage of is each individual aspect of digital marketing. Instead of just making a Facebook page or a newsletter, optimize your business’ potential by incorporating all digital marketing themes possible.


Post a video or two
There are countless business videos and commercials that go viral just because it has something that everyone loves at that one moment in time. Take advantage of the video craze by utilizing video marketing. Go even further by incorporating SEO into video marketing. Consider posting a video on YouTube with your company commercial.


Embrace quality content
Content marketing can be cheap, easy, and more efficient than any other form of marketing. The era of ad block is already here, which is where content marketing comes in handy. By tailoring content to customers for your specific brand or business, you’re able to optimize the potential of them making a purchase through you. Instead of bombarding them with advertisements that hurt the eyes and make them stray from the page, it’s easier to provide them with an article they’re going to enjoy reading or something informational that will engage them. Providing useful, high-quality content is the best way to engage readers and get new customers.


Stay ahead of the game

Social media marketing budgets are projected to double within the next five years. By staying prepared and ahead of the rest of business leaders in your area, you can take full advantage of that knowledge and increase your budget ahead of time accordingly. When you stay ahead of the rest of the pack, you’re the one who begins to set the standards for similar businesses.


Let customers come to you

While cold-calling and outbound marketing can seem like a great approach, it’s also generic and typical. You can take advantage of certain outbound marketing tactics and strategies, but statistics indicate that there are more leads with inbound marketing as opposed to outbound marketing. Letting the customers come to you is the best way to optimize a business.

With any business, change is of course a necessity. Some aspects may stay the same, but marketing strategies will always fluctuate and change accordingly with what the customer wants and the way it’s delivered to them through technology. These marketing tips will allow you to stay informed going into 2016 about what can be expected and what changes need to be made.

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