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Who Are Our Industry-Leading Partners?
Some of the most trusted and respected names in technology, that's who.

Viyu has partnered with some of the most exciting technology brands on the market in order to bring you world-class IT solutions, no matter what challenges you face. By combining some of the most dependable tools in the world of tech, we're uniquely positioned to produce value for your company.

Scroll on to discover the brands we work with and find out how their services complement the solutions we offer.

Industry Partnerships
Cisco Logo

Cisco Communications and Data Center Services

When it comes to unified computing and communications services, there are few names bigger or more respected than Cisco. This is a company with an immaculate reputation for producing effective firewalls, VPNs, and routing solutions for companies both large and small.

Call us to learn about the industry-leading services and solutions Cisco offers.

Cisco Services Dallas TX

Texas Unitrends Services

Backup and Recovery Solutions

Even the most advanced IT infrastructure solutions would be nothing without comprehensive, flexible, business continuity solutions backing them up. This is where Unitrends steps in—the company is renowned for the reliability of its cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Discover how Unitrends keeps your business data safe even in the wake of serious data disasters—speak to one of our experts today.

Unitrends Viyu 2016 Partner of the Year
Certified Design Engineers Dallas Texas

Soligent Web Development and SEO Marketing

Designing attractive and effective interfaces for databases and client-facing applications is Soligent's specialty. Expert web developers who have earned industry-wide respect for their professionalism, Soligent provides Viyu clients with design service for their databases, web applications and websites, while incorporating its demonstrably effective SEO strategies.

Ask us how Soligent design services can help you improve your marketing position.

Multivendor Architecture Texas

Nimble Storage

Nimble Storage Scalable Data Storage and Protection

Secure, accessible storage that is easily available from all of your business devices is a must-have for any 21st century business. Nimble Storage is our go-to provider of storage services, thanks to their adaptive and flexible solutions, all protected with comprehensive security features that ensure your sensitive data remains entirely safe from prying eyes.

The company offers adaptive performance for the most commonly desired business applications, including Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server and virtual infrastructures. You can depend on Viyu and Nimble to provide you with flexible, predictable, scalable, and straightforward solutions for your storage needs.

Learn more about Nimble's All Flash Array and Adaptive Flash Array Storage options by contacting us.

Nimble Storage Viyu

Data Storage Protection Texas

Microsoft Software
for World-Class Results

No tech company on the planet has the reputation for business-friendly software design that Microsoft has. We are proud to incorporate Microsoft's high quality software into our client solutions, drawing from some of the most advanced technology available on the market and using it to produce truly remarkable results.

Find out how our partnership with Microsoft improves your business productivity. Reach out to one of our expert IT consultants today.

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Microsoft Viyu Partnership